It is important to us that we create beautiful, sustainable wedding dresses and accessories that you feel good about where they are made and sourced. Our entire production process - including sourcing, manufacturing and branding - aims to reduce our impact on the environment, support and empower our artisans and give back to our communities. We know how our materials are sourced and processed, and all of our garments are made in-house, where excellent working conditions are vital to our company culture. 


All our fabrics and threads are Oeko-Tex certified and we strive to source renewable, bio-gradable, or recycled materials. This way we ensure animal welfare, workers’ safety, and reduced water consumption in production. 


Impeccable craftsmanship is the essence of couture, and it starts before the fabric is cut. The initial idea for a collection starts from our designer’s inspiration that is interpreted into sketches and later transformed into three-dimensional garments made-to-measure to each bride's specification.

Atelier Artisans

All our garments are produced in our London Atelier by our Designer and her team of expert artisans with decades of couture experience. This way we have much more control over the entire production process and ensure the well-being of our artisans. Each couture piece is made from high-quality fabrics and materials, using time-consuming and hand-executed techniques, while paying attention to details. For these details our atelier uses the expertise from artisans to adorn each piece: embroidery; dyeing; hand-painting; addition of pearls, beads, stones or feathers; jewelry for buttons and buckles; lace and flower applications.